How do I enlarge text in my book?

  • ePUB formatted e-book: Once you open the book, navigate to the Settings tab and select the “+” button at the upper right corner until the desired text size is attained. After that select “Save” at the top of the screen and you will be redirected to the Reading view of the book with the new settings displayed.
  • PDF formatted ebook: Since PDF is a fixed layout format the best way to enlarge the text is to use the pinch zoom technique as there are no settings that would allow for actual change the text size of a PDF formatted e-book.
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    Daniel Kronstadt

    Your own website is unreadable - thin, light font on a white background. The book I downloaded us unreadable - tiny font that won't expand. Useless.

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    Lanette McCulloch

    I have my text set at the largest and I still can't read the book. Overdrive and Cloudreader are much better but are not supported by Hemet Public Library. Please fix or create a new way to read books. I am very disappointed.

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    Wilfried Grabbe

    I can commit that the maximum zoom factor in PDF documents is by far too low. If the PDF is a newspaper the text is hardly to recognize on an iPhone. Aldiko reader shows that it's not necessary to limit the zoom. Although that app has other disadvantages you can at least really read DRM-encrypted newspapers and magazines with it - even on an iPhone.

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