How do I authorize Bluefire Reader?

To authorize Bluefire Reader, you will need to enter your Adobe Account information in the app’s info page. Bluefire Reader requires authorization from Adobe in order to read books that have been digitally secured with Adobe’s software. To create an Adobe Account, please visit the Adobe website at The ID and password that you create there will be the same ones that you will use to authorize Bluefire Reader. It is free to create an Adobe Account and there is nothing to download.

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    James Schmidt

    I did above repeatedly. Changed password three times. Each time it wouldn't allow me to authorize program saying signin info didn't match though I could open this page using same info

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    Céline laramee

    I bought a book with Renaud Bray and I tried, with no success, to transfer it on my Samsung pad althought I have an ADE identification. After 2 days (I'm verry patient) I finally transferd the book from my computer to ADE on my tablet but still can't not read it with Bluefire reader.

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