Problems after updating to iOS 12

We are seeing a common problem where, after updating to iOS12.x on iPads and iPhones, the device fails to reboot.  This causes a variety of problems including:

  • Highlighting no longer working
  • Reading Location in Book reverts to beginning of chapter or beginning of book often (super annoying!) 
  • Hanging on Launch
  • Pages and covers showing up blank/white

The solution to these problems is easy, simply hard reboot the device. This nearly always fixes the problems. On a few occasions this does not seem to fix the problem, and the user needs to back up files, delete the app, hard reboot, then re-install app, then restore or re-download ebooks. Thankfully, it is quite rare that this is necessary, but never fun to be one of the few affected thus.

We've looked at whether an update from us would fix the problem, and it does not. Only a hard reboot works. It has to do with changes to the file system in iOS 12, and reboot resets those paths. Otherwise, the app loses the "path" to the location in the file system where the app stores the reading location info in the book content itself at times (thus the white pages)

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